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LifeWorks Behavioral Services

LifeWorks Behavioral Services is a comprehensive behavior management program for children and families who exhibit severe, on-going, emotional or behavioral challenges. LifeWorks Behavioral Services are delivered in home, school, or community environments at a frequent rate to ensure behavior change.


Is your child displaying the following behaviors?

  • Harm to self or others 

  • Poor self regulation/feelings management

  • Difficulty following rules and limits

  • Arguing, yelling and disrespect

  • Poor choice making

  • Difficulty with social skills and interactions

  • Distraction or poor task completion

Or are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or hopeless as a parent?


Trained behavior coaches provide modeling, education, therapeutic support and positive behavior management to children, parents, and professionals. 

"I didn’t know I could be so good, I thought I could only be bad… now I have the power to be good!”

- LBS Client

It’s like having SUPER NANNY right here in Sonoma County!”

-LBS Parent


  • Visits in home, school, or community

  • Parent, individual, family and professional consultation available

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  • Assessment of underlying causes and function of the behaviors

  • Utilization of clinical training and techniques to maximize results 

  • Family system approach

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  • Realistic and positive behavior interventions

  • In-the-moment coaching and support

  • Behavior specialist consultations​

  • Behavioral language skills

Family Walking On the Beach


  • Positive reinforcement systems

  • Structure, consistency, and rules

  • Tracking and monitoring behaviors

  • Effective parenting skills and communication

  • Psycho-education, diagnosis specific support

For more information, please contact or (707) 568-2300 x103.

Thank you to our generous funders, sponsors, and community partners!

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