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Choices For Change

Choices for Change is a prevention and early intervention program to support individuals and families in managing substance use, abuse and dependence. 

Like many programs at LifeWorks, Choices for Change uses a family based model in which staff works with the individual and family to create behavioral and systemic changes that support sustained improvement. 

There are two components to the Choices for Change program:

Family Groups: These ten-week education and support groups focus on educating children between ages 5-17 and their parents. Children are grouped by age, and parents meet together.


Weekly topics include:

  • Feelings and attachment    

  • Communication skills

  • Problem solving

  • Co-dependenc

  • Drug and alcohol education

  • Anger management

  • Positive parenting 

  • ​Safety

In-Home Support: As part of the El Puente program, staff members go into the home to provide assessment, education, motivation and support in the reduction of substance use. Treatment consists of parent/family and individual sessions to build awareness, alternative behaviors and healthy coping skills. Staff may provide referrals if higher levels of support are needed.


"When I first walked into Choices for Change, I was around 10. I had a smile on my face and whenever I was asked how I was doing, my reply was ‘fine’. I was not fine. I did not know how to communicate with my family. Both my parents were recovering from chemical dependency and I had absolutely no idea of how to deal with it. As I progressed, I learned that it is okay not to be fine all the time. It’s okay to be angry or to cry. I finally learned to love myself."


"I had been through classes that advised me how to deal with life as a single parents. Twelve step meetings helped me deal with recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. And, I had private counseling to help my 9-year old son and 7-year old daughter deal with their parents’ divorce. Last fall I signed up to participate in Choices for Change. It was the best. It was the only thing that integrated all of the stuff we were talking about in the other programs. It got all three of us in the same place and getting the same information. It put my kids and me on the same page."


For more information, please contact or (707) 568-2300 x110.

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