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"To have my world completely turned on its head, something far beyond my personal control, and to still give a part of myself to those that I am helping has been the lifeline in all of this. It has taken a lot of adjusting to not see my clients, talk to them only by phone & a few by video; adjusting to how I assess for emotional changes to adapt in this limbo world.

I feel that I have made a difference for those that I have worked with by providing some consistency, a bit of humor, and care for them when they, too, are feeling like the world has been turned upside down. I believe the sharing of a mutual whatever-this-is and sharing how we, as clinicians, have also struggled with adapting has helped develop a deeper connection with my clients.

While I wish the world were normal again (I miss eating out), I do value the shared experience and being able to help my clients by offering care and concern to help them adjust as well. I don't know what things will look like in a few months, though I hope things are more "normal," I hope we are also able to hold onto the connected-ness we have shared as well. That's what I want to take away from this."

-Gina Culver, AMFT

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